The wicket-keeper batter is the top-scorer of PSL 8

KARACHI: Multan Sultans skipper and Pakistan’s best wicketkeeper-batter Mohammad Rizwan has stated that he does not believe in having good form and that the only thing that matters to him is hard effort, which he continues to do.

The top-order hitter spoke to Geo News exclusively on the sidelines of Multan Sultans’ first training session in Karachi about the Sultans’ start in PSL 8, his personal batting, and competition in Pakistan Super League.

“I’m not sure what form means, and I’m not interested in finding out. “The only thing I know and understand is hard effort, and this is what I will continue to do since you can only earn glory via hard work,” Rizwan explained.

“If you’re competing with another player, you should work harder than him; if you want to be on top, you should work harder than everyone, and this isn’t restricted to your playing field; you also need to be disciplined in your life off the field,” said Pakistan’s wicketkeeper.

He went on to say that the change in his batting position – from middle-order to top-order – is the main cause for his batting transformation over the previous three years.

In response to a question, Rizwan stated that he continues to engage in the shadow practise that went viral during the T20 World Cup 2021.

“I do everything I can to better my game,” he explained.

Rizwan stated that he is respectful to all players on the pitch while still challenging all of his opponents. He did, however, emphasise the need of being humble in front of everyone.

“When you acquire anything, you should not act arrogantly; it is necessary to remain humble, as our religion also tells us,” he stated.

“I remain humble, but if someone is aggressive towards me, then I can be equally violent at times,” he remarked.

When asked about the Sultans’ start in the Pakistan Super League, the skipper stated that he is pleased with the way his side has performed and that as a captain, he cannot ask for more.

Multan has won four of the tournament’s five games and now leads the table.

“What more can I need from this team, a really good start, guys are gelling well, and they are doing more than I demand,” he remarked.

“It is not that we have won all matches as one-sided games; all of them were nail-biting except for the game against Quetta, where Ihsanullah made the difference with his unplayable bowling in one stint,” he explained.

Rizwan stated that it is difficult to manage one’s nerves in a stressful scenario, and when such a situation comes, he tries to act fearlessly and leave the outcome to Allah’s will.

“After Abbas was blasted for a six off no-ball to start the final over against Karachi Kings, I went to him and said that if he can protect these runs, he can become a hero,” Rizwan explained.

He commended the level of competition in the PSL, saying that all of the clubs are well-balanced and that any team may develop momentum and turn the tables.

“This is why the PSL is the best league in the world,” he explained.

The Sultans’ skipper also stated that the team is missing the presence of Shahnawaz Dahani and wished him a speedy recovery.

“Dahani is a unique guy; he is never under pressure, no matter what the situation. “We are in communication with him, and we spoke to him on video call prior to our last game; I hope he recovers quickly and returns with a bang,” Rizwan said.

The wicketkeeper-batter stated that he sets goals for each tournament, but he chose not to reveal his PSL 8 ambitions.

“I keep my ambitions and goals to myself,” he said at the end.

On Sunday, the Multan Sultans will face the Karachi Kings at National Stadium.