On Friday, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) convened an emergency meeting with all HBL PSL franchise owners to decide the fate of HBL PSL matches scheduled for Lahore and Rawalpindi.

The interim Punjab government has asked PCB for PKR500 million to hold the matches in Lahore and Rawalpindi. The board has already paid the Punjab government PKR50 million for food expenses.

The remaining PKR450 million is currently being sought by the provincial government for illumination and security objectives. To save money, the board is considering moving the Punjab leg of the HBL PSL 8 to Karachi.

According to facts, the meeting was held through video conference call, and the HBL PSL franchise owners delegated final authority to PCB management committee chairman Najam Sethi to make the decision on the aforementioned topic.

Responding to the provincial government’s demand, according to Najam Sethi, will set a bad precedent for the future and result in financial losses for the board and HBL PSL franchises.

The PKR450 million bill demanded by the provincial government has been rebuffed by HBL PSL franchises.

PCB is continuing working with the provincial government on the issue. Sethi submitted data of roughly PKR 700 million provincial tax to Punjab government entirely due to HBL PSL matches in Punjab during a meeting between PCB and provincial government on Friday evening.

“Government’s bid and pay fees to host sports events due to the favourable economic activity generated as a result. “We are being penalised for hosting matches in Punjab,” PCB informs the Punjab government.

The PCB has informed the Punjab government that no money will be paid for security services, and the board is prepared to relocate the matches from Punjab to Karachi.

If the situation is not resolved, another emergency meeting between the PCB and HBL PSL franchises would be held tomorrow.

PCB’s Muhammad Yousuf Anjum has offered an alternative plan to HBL PSL franchises regarding the relocation of the remaining HBL PSL 8 matches to Karachi.

If the remaining HBL PSL matches are moved to Karachi, the matches scheduled for Lahore during the New Zealand series are also likely to be relocated to Karachi.