Karachi Kings needed more than a boundary a ball to win, and yet they found themselves in first place with four deliveries to go.

Karachi Kings needed 37 off the final 9 balls against Multan Sultans to win the game mathematically. Then, after a flurry of extras and sixes, it was suddenly down to 6 off four balls, after 31 off the previous five. In the end, the Kings would fall three runs short. It’s an impossible story to explain, but this is how ESPNcricinfo’s ball-by-ball commentary narrated it.


Imad Wasim to Mohammad Ilyas, SIX, slower delivery that sits up to be struck outside off stump. Imad wraps it up and smokes it over the bowler’s head for a perfect score! Is it, however, too little, too late?


Six more, Mohammad Ilyas to Imad Wasim! So, anything! Slower bumper on the outside of the stump. Imad recognises the change in pace and length early on and hammers it over long on.


Imad Wasim to Mohammad Ilyas, 1 wide, full delivery outside off stump. Imad swings and misses, but then notices the umpire getting some exercise. So….24 needed off 7 balls. After six more, things will get really interesting!


Imad Wasim to Mohammad Ilyas, 1 wide, Ilyas is crumbling under strain! Full toss speared well off stump. Imad was left alone and the umpire called a wide!


Oh terrible, Mohammad Ilyas to Imad Wasim, 1 run, dropped! Off stump, low full throw wide. Imad attributes it to the bowler, who is astonished by how slowly it returns to him, eventually grassing it.

That’s OK. 22 points are required from 6 balls. On most days, you would support the fielding side to complete the task. Strange things happen in cricket, though. Imad is on strike, and Abbas will bowl the final over.


Abbas Afridi to Imad Wasim, (no ball) SIX, chest-high full toss, hammered over cow corner! At this point, Abbas could have bowled the worst ball possible, yet Imad simply waits in his crease before hitting it for six! Sometimes referred to as a No ball!


Abbas Afridi to Imad Wasim, 1 run off the back of a full delivery outside off stump. Imad swings at it and knocks it down the field for a single. Now 14 off 5


Cutting to Abbas Afridi, 1 wide, length delivery blasted a mile outside off stump. Cutting allows it to go, and the umpire calls it a wide. Abbas is starting to feel the pinch. 13 off 5


Cutting to Abbas Afridi, SIX, and smacked into oblivion! Slower delivery that hits the arc exactly. Cutting clears his front leg and clatters it over deep midwicket and into the following week! It travelled 107 metres!


Cutting to Abbas Afridi, 1 wide, another terrible wide delivery outside off stump. When the umpire continues to work out, he cuts his shoulders and arms.

6 off 4 presently, and the Sultans’ wheels appear to have come off. Can Cutting finish it with a single blow?


Cutting to Abbas Afridi, no run, slower delivery on a length outside off stump. Cutting gives it a reckless swipe and only connects with fresh air. More hilarity!


Abbas Afridi to Cutting, OUT, straight drilled to long off! Oh my! Another turn in the story! Slower delivery on a length away from the stump. Cutting attempts to fetch it and smash it over long off, but his lack of speed prevents him from generating enough power. He rockets it directly down Pollard’s throat, who devours the opportunity with no fuss!

Irfan Khan has taken over at the crease. 6 points are required from two balls. What is the future of this game?


Irfan Khan to Abbas Afridi, 1 run, slower delivery on a length outside off stump. Irfan retrieves it and takes it down to long on for a solitary run off the final ball. A boundary guarantees a Super Over. The Kings will win with a six.


Sultans win after 1 run from Abbas Afridi to Imad Wasim. Outside off stump, back of a length delivery. Imad steps back and powers it down the road. Long off, though, can cut it off, giving the Sultans their fourth consecutive triumph! What a game, what a conclusion!