Understanding CPT Code 00102: Anesthesia Services for Cleft Lip Repair

CPT code 00102 is designed explicitly for anesthesia services during a plastic cleft lip repair. It helps healthcare providers accurately document and bill for the anesthesia services during this procedure.

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How to Use CPT Code 00102

When using CPT code 00102 provider should include relevant details such as the time spent providing anesthesia, any additional procedures performed, and any complications encountered during the procedure.

Modifiers for CPT 00102 code

Modifiers with CPT code 00102 provide more info about anesthesia services. Common modifiers include:

  • P1: Patient is in a normal and healthy condition.
  • P2: Patient is suffering from mild systemic disease.
  • P3: Patient is suffering from severe systemic disease.
  • P4: Patient is suffering from severe systemic disease that poses a constant threat to their life.
  • P5: Patient is in a dying state and is not expected to survive without the operation.

Reimbursement for CPT code 00102

It depends on location, insurance provider, and individual contract between provider and payer. Healthcare providers must familiarize themselves with the reimbursement rates and policies of their specific insurance companies.

Tips for using CPT code 00102

When using CPT code 00102 for anesthesia services during a plastic repair of cleft lip, remember to:

  • Document the anesthesia services provided accurately and in detail.
  • Familiarize yourself with the modifiers that can be used with this code.
  • Stay updated with reimbursement rates and policies.
  • Review and update your coding practices regularly.
  • Consider consulting a coding specialist or attending coding workshops.

By following these tips, healthcare providers can ensure accurate coding, appropriate reimbursement, and a smooth billing process.

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