CPT Code 00103 description – Anesthesia services for head

CPT code 00103 is a medical procedural code that describes anesthesia for reconstructive procedures of the eyelid. This type of anesthesia is typically used for procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), ptosis repair (droopy eyelid surgery), and ectropion repair (outward-turning eyelid surgery).

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How to use CPT code 00103

Include CPT Code 00103 in the anesthesia section of the medical billing claim form for eyelid reconstructive procedures.

Modifiers for CPT code 00103

Modifiers are additional codes that provide more information about the anesthesia services rendered. In the case of CPT Code 00103, the following modifiers may be applicable:

  • AA: Anesthesiologists personally perform anesthesia services.
  • AD: A physician who does not provide anesthesia services provides medical supervision.
  • QY: Medical direction of two, three, or four concurrent anesthesia procedures
  • QK: Medical advice of one qualified nonphysician anesthetist

Reimbursement rate for CPT 00103

The reimbursement rate for CPT Code 00103 depends on factors such as the location and the payer. It is recommended to consult the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the specific payer’s fee schedule for the most up-to-date reimbursement information for 2023.


CPT Code 00103 is essential for billing anesthesia services provided during eyelid reconstructive procedures. Understanding how to use this code and the appropriate modifiers ensures accurate billing and proper reimbursement. Stay updated with the latest reimbursement rates by referring to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the fee schedules of specific payers. By following these guidelines, healthcare providers can ensure smooth billing processes and provide optimal care to patients.

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