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99387 CPT code description

CPT code 99387 is the perfect code to document a new patient’s first comprehensive preventive medicine assessment and management.

This code is commonly used for yearly wellness checkups, where healthcare professionals conduct a thorough medical history and physical examination, review the patient’s immunization records, and provide expert advice on healthy lifestyle choices and minimizing risk factors.

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What are the requirements for CPT code 99387?

To qualify as preventive medicine services, the patient must be new to the provider’s practice and receive a comprehensive history, physical exam, and counseling on healthy lifestyle choices and risk factor reduction.

Eligibility criteria

Any new patient is eligible.

CPT code 99387 documentation

  • Patient’s chief complaint (if any).
  • Medical history and social history.
  • Results of physical exam.
  • Counseling that was provided to a patient.

How much is 99387 reimbursed for?

While reimbursement for CPT 99387 may vary depending on the payer, most will reimburse for this code.

How often can this code be billed?

It can only be billed once per year for a new patient.

What examples of preventive medicine services can be provided under this code?

It includes immunizations, cancer screenings, vital checks, and lifestyle counseling.

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