99140 CPT Code Description 2023

99140 CPT Code Description 2023

CPT code 99140 is a unique billing code intended explicitly for situations where providing anesthesia services becomes more challenging due to emergency circumstances. Unlike other codes, It is not used in isolation but in conjunction with a primary anesthesia procedure code.

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Under certain circumstances, the utilization of CPT 99140 is allowed during emergency conditions.

  1. Airway obstruction
  2. Cardiac arrest
  3. Hemorrhage
  4. Hypotension
  5. Shock
  6. Severe allergic reactions
  7. Unexpected complications arising during a surgical procedure

CPT 99140 documentation: crucial information in medical records

  1. Begin by detailing the nature and severity of emergency that prompted code use.
  2. Include physician’s explanation or justification for employing this code.
  3. Describe any extra services that were explicitly provided because of the emergency condition. 

CPT 99140 is an add-on code used with the primary anesthesia procedure code, representing most complex and time-intensive anesthesia service during procedure.

For example

Primary Anesthesia Procedure Code + 99140

    • For instance, 00100 + 99140
    • Or 00300 + 99140
    • Alternatively, 00400 + 99140

Reimbursement for CPT code 99140

Reimbursement for 99140 code varies depending on payer. Medicare and most commercial payers reimburse for this code, but the reimbursement rate may vary.

Is CPT code 99140 an add-on code?

Yes, it is an add-on code.

How does “critical illness” apply to the 99140 code?

Critical illness is a severe, life-threatening condition requiring specialized anesthesia care due to associated risks.

What qualifies as “extreme age” for using this code?

Extreme age typically refers to patients who are either very young (infants and neonates) or elderly (usually 80 years or older).

Is there a specific modifier required with the 99140 code?

No additional modifier is usually necessary when using the 99140 code. However, it’s essential to follow payer-specific guidelines.


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