11730 CPT code description

11730 CPT code description

CPT code 11730 pertains to the partial or complete removal of a nail plate, known as avulsion. To put it simply, this medical procedure involves extracting either part or the entirety of the nail plate. The CPT code accurately documents this uncomplicated process.


CPT code 11730 is commonly used to treat ingrown toenails, severely damaged or infected nails, nails that interfere with function, and certain nail tumors.


There are a few contraindications to CPT 11730, such as an active infection in the nail area, severe peripheral vascular disease, and severe neuropathy.

What is CPT code 11730 reimbursement?

The Medicare reimbursement for CPT code 11730 is $56.94. The code has 1.58 RVUs.

Does CPT code 11730 require a modifier?

Yes, when billing for a nail avulsion procedure, the -TA modifier should be used as the primary modifier. If you are billing for non-Medicare payers, you can bill CPT 11730 with CPT 10060 on the same date of service, but avoid using the -50 modifier. It’s important to bill each nail separately with the appropriate code and modifier to guarantee a smooth and accurate billing process.

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