11055 CPT code description

11055 CPT Code Description

CPT code 11055 removes benign hyperkeratotic lesions like corns or calluses from a patient’s skin for billing. This procedure is typically performed on patients who are experiencing pain or discomfort due to the presence of these lesions. Removing these lesions can help alleviate pain and improve the patient’s quality of life. 

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Does Medicare cover CPT code 11055?

Medicare doesn’t cover routine foot care, except for foot exams for those with diabetes-related nerve damage.

What modifier is needed for 11055?

  1. To bill for 11055, use a class findings modifier (Q7, Q8, or Q9) or a primary diagnosis code for medical necessity.
  2. Modifier Q9 is used when routine foot care services are provided in the presence of a systemic condition. 
  3. Modifier -25 may be used for significant E/M service provided with routine foot care.
  4. Use code 11055-11057 and bill with a unit of “1” for proper reimbursement, regardless of the number of lesions or nails treated.

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